USA Golf Course Database Light Version

USA Golf Course Database


17,527 Golf Courses. 45 fields including:

  • golf club’s contact information
  • golf club’s services

Product Description

The Light version of our database of golf courses in the United States includes 45 fields of information on 14,673 golf clubs and a total of 17,527 golf courses.

Golf Club Fields

(14,673 golf clubs)

Column Name Available Data
Club ID100%
Club Name100%
Club Membership100%
Number of Holes100%
Postal Code100%
Driving Range100%
Putting Green100%
Chipping Green100%
Practice Bunker100%
Motor Cart100%
Pull Cart100%
Club Rentals100%
Club Fitting100%
Pro Shop100%
Golf Lessons100%
Caddie Hire100%
Reception Hall100%
Changing Room100%
On Site Lodging100%

Bonus Golf Club Fields

We do not have much data available for these fields but we feel we should include what we have.

Column Name Available Data
Contact Name29.5%
Contact Title28.1%

Golf Course Fields

(17,527 golf courses)

Column Name Available Data
Course ID100%
Club ID100%
Course Name100%
Number of Holes100%
Course Par100%
Course Type100%
Course Architect73.9%
Open Date95.6%
Guest Policy100%

Bonus Golf Course Fields

Another set of fields for which we do not have extensive data yet. We include them anyway.

Column Name Available Data
Weekday Price32.9%
Weekend Price32.9%
Twilight Price32.2%
Fairways' Grass0.3%
Greens' Grass0.3%