Get the Best Golf Course Database for Your Project

When you build a golf website or a mobile application for golfers, the golf course data you provide is key to your success. At Golf Course Database, we are committed to provide a golf course database containing more than 100 different fields and to update them constantly.

Why choose

Over 39,000 Golf Courses

Our golf course database currently holds very detailed information on over 39,000 golf courses all over the world. Some of the countries we provide golf course data for:

   •   USA    •   Japan
   •   United Kingdom    •   Canada
   •   Australia    •   Germany
   •   South Korea    •   China
   •   Sweden    •   New Zealand
   •   France    •   Ireland
   •   Norway    •   Finland
   •   Denmark    •   India
   •   Thailand    •   South Africa
   •   Malaysia    •   Netherlands
   •   Switzerland    •   Belgium
   •   Indonesia    •   Philippines
   •   Austria    •   Mexico
   •   Spain    •   Italy
   •   The Caribbeans    •   Taiwan
   •   Morocco    •   Hong Kong
   •   Vietnam    •   Etc

Visit our International Full Golf Course Database page for the full list of countries. We are working hard to quickly expend this list every month. We have recently completed our research of  the golf courses in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Oceania and most of Africa. We are now collecting data for the last few missing countries in Africa.

Rigorous on Data Quality

  • We collect the data manually, No automated bots
  • All the data collected is verified by our quality assurance team
  • We commit to update and/or add at least 1000 golf courses each month

109 Different Fields for Each Golf Club

  • Complete scorecard data
  • GPS coordinates of the golf club
  • List of golf club services
  • Physical coordinates of the golf club
  • Contact name and title
  • Golf course architect
  • Membership type
  • Guest policy
  • and more…

An API to Keep Your Data Up-to-Date

We have built an API for clients who need to keep their data up-to-date at all times. Since manual interventions typically generate over 90% of the errors in a database, using the API will ensure better data quality. Using the API also saves you the time spent manipulating the data to update your database, leaving you time to focus on what you do best: serve your customers. The API is available to clients subscribing to our monthly updates service. Visit the API page if you are interested to learn more about it.